Estate Agent Software FAQ's

Q. How much do you charge to feed my properties into web portals?

Nothing, set up is free and you can feed into as many portals as you like, it's unlimited on our Gold package.

Q. Can you transfer my properties and client details from my existing system?

Yes, we have the ability to import your data safely to AgentPro, whatever the format.

Q. If I make a change in AgentPro when will my website get updated? *

Immediately, Make a price reduction, promotion or even change a sentence for a particular room and your website will be updated straight away.

Q. How much does a license cost for each user?

Nothing, we do not believe in charging for each user, we only have the one charge, which is applied to the whole branch.

Q. Can AgentPro handle my Managed Properties?

Yes, AgentPro has a full accounts package with automatic invoicing, statement creation, and third party handling are all catered for in the accounts package.

Q. Can you feed into my Twitter & Facebook account?

AgentPro tweets and posts property information so you don't have to. Automatic tweets and posts are sent for new instructions and price changes. You also have the option of using the Wizard Builder, you select property values to build your own tweets and posts.

Q. What kind of letters can AgentPro produce?

We have a built in letter suite which has a range of templates for your use. Customize your letters with your own personal touch and add property values from the database. In addition you can email or print to clients whilst storing a digital backup copy in AgentPro.

Q. Can I use AgentPro on my Mac?

Yes, AgentPro can work on a Mac, but you will need a way for your Mac to run a copy of Windows, such as Parallels. Click here to find out more about running AgentPro on a Mac.


*Instantaneous website updates require an AgentPro hosting package